Pleasantview Township Center Cemetery
Pleasantview Township Starr Cemetery
Pleasantview Township N. Ayr Cemetery 

Pleasantview N. Ayr Cemetery and Pleasantview Starr Western Cemetery are closed to all future sales.


  • Burial fee opening and closing on weekday $400.00. Opening and closing on weekend $500.00.
  • Cremation open and close $200.00 weekday and $300.00 weekend.
  • Pleasantview Township Cemetery grave sites are $100.00 per grave site maximum of two per client.
  • Only burial spaces are for sale in phase one.
  • All graves shall have a marker within 60 days.
  • Single burial lot for $100.00 on selected lots.
  • When snow gets deep enough to plow, no one is buried.
  • Base under stone must be at least 2 inches larger both in width and length on all sides.
  • Trees planted to the discretion of the sexton.
  • No curbing around lot.
  • Artificial flowers will be allowed.
  • No afton stone, glass, washed drain stone or similar material on lots.
  • We reserve the right to refuse sale of grave sites to non-residents. They may petition township board.
  • The original death certificate or cremation certificate must be given to sexton or Clerk before burial.
  • Headstone placement $110.00 12”x24” single, $220.00 12”x48” double.
  • No green burials allowed.
  • No dumping of ashes.

Contact the Township Office for the full set of rules and regulations.