The northwestern areas of Michigan’s lower peninsula were popular settlements for Native Americans and remain a place for fishing, pleasure, fresh water, scenery, and a change of seasons. Names, such as Petoskey (where the sun shines through the clouds), Mackinaw (great snapping turtle), and Onaway (awake) are a few of the names rooted in the traditions and places that have been passed down through the generations. Early records for Pleasanvtiew Township date back to 1855 and are memorialized the Historical Context (below). This history also serves as a cornerstone for the Township Master Plan.

Historical Artifact & Story Request
Pleasantview Township continues to compile a history of the Township including the Township Hall. We are looking for information, pictures, and stories relating to the history, growth, and development of our area. Please contact the Township Office about any items you feel would be helpful. Thank You!

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