Land Use, Zoning & Permits

The Planning, Zoning, and Enforcement Department is here to support your plans, the growth of our Township, and is responsible to protect the health, welfare, and safety of the community – those many things that people admire and reasons for visiting and living in the area. A zoning permit is required before erecting, moving, or altering the exterior of any building or structure. This includes decks, sheds of any kind, and temporary structures. A permit is also required prior to any excavation or filling of any land, such as, driveways, septic systems, and similar projects. A fee free permit is required to erect any fencing. Don’t forget that signage requires a permit with some exceptions for residential events such as garage sales.

Application(s) & Site Plan(s)
Inaccurate and incomplete applications or site plans will not be processed and shall be returned. An application is not complete if payment arrangements have not been made. Payment is required before any permit is issued. The site plan is a key document for reviewing and either approving or rejecting a permit application. The applicant is responsible for accurately putting together the requested information – including all dimensions – on the site plan, such as, but not limited to, property lines, road frontage, utility easements, septic system, well, driveways, fencing, and all existing and new structures. Contact the Township Office at (231) 526-8140 about an appointment to discuss or meet with you at any stage of your planning process.

Before any Contracted and DIY Excavation Project, Contact Miss Dig – It’s the Law!
Protect yourself, family, and community! Prior to conducting any excavation on your property, contact MISS DIG 811 by using e-Locate, call 1-800-482-7171, or visit Miss Dig’s website Click Here .

Land Division(s) & Combination(s)
Land divisions and combinations are subject to Township Zoning Ordinance, State of Michigan Law, and County Registrar of Deeds Requirements. A land division or combination will not be reviewed nor legally registered without a Land Division / Combination Application and approval by the Pleasantview Zoning Administrator, Township Legislative Board, and Emmet County Clerk. Contact the Township Zoning Administrator at the onset when considering a land division or combination.

Zone Ordinance, Application(s) & Fee Schedule (Download in PDF Format)

Pleasantview Township Zoning Ordinance Click Here Online Webpage Click Here

Agent Authorization to Apply for Zoning Permit(s) Click Here

Zoning Permit Application Click Here

Zoning Variance Application Click Here

Special Land Use Permit Application Click Here

Land Division / Combination Application Click Here

Pleasantview Township Application & Permit Fee Schedule Click Here

Additional Useful Resources

Emmet County GIS Interactive Mapping Click Here
The Global Information System (GIS) is a valuable resource for putting together your site plan(s).

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A valuable resource for identifying and verifying property ownership and other information.

Emmet County Building Department Click Here
The Emmet County Building Department is responsible for protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the people who live and work in Emmet County by regulating the construction of our built environment and to ensure compliance with the construction statutes, ordinances, and related rules and regulations.

Emmet County Recycling & Waste Click Here
You care about your community. You care about nature and the great outdoors. You care about Michigan. And, yes, you care about your wallet. So together, we do the simple, everyday things that addresses all these: reducing, reusing, recycling, and composting. Thank you for recycling with us!